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Adrianus TMR

2016 FHANA/KFPS Mainbook Purebred Friesian Stallion

Son of the Approved Stallion Tsjalle 454

Dam: Tilly Fan Panhuys x Onne 376

*Hydrocephalus and Dwarfism Negative

 3.91% Inbreeding coefficient

2021 breeding season Fee: $800

Mare care: $7 per day wet/dry

Adrianus has all the presence, with that sweet and gentle Friesian personality that he passes to his offspring. We cannot wait to see his next crop of 2021 foals!


At our farm, your mare will receive attentive care, with options for stalling and turnout. We feed a bermuda mix, and grass hay, and also offer quality Non-GMO grain.

Adrianus has a few remaining open bookings for the 2022 breeding year and they will be available on an as-applicable basis (no reserves).

Contact us with any questions about breeding your mare to this beautiful young stallion!